What are the features of desktop printers


desktop printers

Printing technology has developed fast recently and now printers are available in all sizes and different capabilities.With large number of options, the major question lot of print shop sellers are experienced with is what to consider for in a desktop printer. A desktop printer is an icon which represents a printer attached to the computer.It is made automatically if you choose a printer.To print anything, drag the icon on to the printer and release the button. The application which made the file establish and its print box open. Press return or print button, the document prints and automatically program quits. You can also make new desktop printers with the help of chooser.Why must you avail this printer?

Print jobs:

They save steps, rather than opening a file, choosing, print and diddling in the print box, now you can easily drag the document on to the printer.It is easy, there is no fuss or no mess, simply drag and drop,press, paper begins popping out of the device.Hence you avail a printer through dragging the document, when the application has made the document, it will be printed when you click the print button.Another easy usage of this printer is to make printers for unique type of print tasks.Make one for envelopes which avails manual feed,landscape and black and white programs.Make another for portrait version printing.

How to do?

printerDrag the file on to the right descriptive name, you prevent the messy adjustments in both page set up and print boxes. If you choose a desktop printer, a new menu appears.You will see a series of tape recorder icons in the window.Fix the print time for the chosen items. Note you have clicked the column head like copies,pages, print time etc, to alter the sorting order in the list.Start and stop print queue are such as the play and pause switch on the VCR. To pause the process of printing and to resume, select stop print queue, to get started , select start print queue.Change set up allow you to select another postscrip printer description or PPD file for the printer.Display manual feed alert permit you determine whether or not the Mac pauses to make you to insert a paper sheet prior a print task.


A check sign beside the item creates it is turned on.If you possess more than one desktop printer connected, set default printer allow you to decide which printer will be default one.You can pick the printers from the menu in the print box.It provides you an option to any printer which appears on the desktop.The utilization of desktop printers is being phased out to be replaced with great function printers in central places.Features and benefits of the printers are print in black and white or in color, printing is two sided by default, users possess the chance to alter the mind regarding printing a file and delete it, print task are released only to the individual who send it, MFDS are network scanners permitting scanning to the email box.MFDS are photocopiers.