Ways to introduce walking in your day-to-day routine

If you are one of those who want to get rid of stubborn body fat, without too much intense workouts, and a restricted diet, this article is for you! Thus, if you incorporate a simple walking routine in your schedule and follow it consistently, you are on your way towards weight loss.

Let’s start off with walking 20 minutes, for 3 times a week. Once you follow this, you can gradually increase time from 20 to 30 minutes per day. What it does is that it makes sure your joints move and your muscles are engaged, makes you stronger and boosts the metabolism to help you lose weight.

View the 21 day diet plan, also known as the 3 week diet by Brian Flatt which also encourages walking as a part of the plan.

There’s one thing which people find tough, or rather boring, and that is following the same routine each day for as long as you don’t lose enough pounds. Here’s something you can do:

  • Listen to some music as you walk, or a good audiobook.
  • Take the stairs rather than elevator.
  • Park your car a bit further from destination.
  • Take your dog on a walk to the park early in the morning.
  • Have a pedometer to keep track of your steps.