Water Jet Cutter and How to Use them

A water jet cutter is a very advanced tool used in the metal industry. It is used to cut into metal using a stream or jet of water which is released from the tool’s nozzle at a very high pressure to enable it to cut into metal. The water jet cutter does not need to use just water. It is possible to use water mixed with another substance to make things easier and make it more effective. The water jet cutter is however not used in complete slicing of the metal, instead, it is used to fabricate the metal which means slicing only a bit deep into the metal and not all the way through.

The water being emitted from the nozzle of the water jet can be released from the water jet cutter at different velocities and different pressure levels. This is a very important feature because the metal you cut through using this tool may be either lighter or very hard to cut through.

The water jet cutter is however not only used in cutting metal. The applications of this tool have been increased and the diverse uses increased. Now, the water jet, thanks to the ability to change the pressure, can be used to cut through other materials like glass, stone and even animal bones.

In order to operate this tool, you will have to use a software to control it. Before you purchase one, you should consider certain things. For instance, the type of material you want to cut through. Some waterjets are not tailored to cut through any materials. Some will only cut through light materials like rubber and others will go a step further to cut through metal. You will also like to consider the company making it and the quality of software they provide for the operation of the water jet cutter. You will probably want to purchase a water jet cutter that has a high quality software which can easily be upgraded at any time.