Twenty-One Questions to Ask While Booking a Vacation Home

Top 21 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Vacation Home

If you are planning to vacation in rustic vacation spots, then you will have to do your due diligence and ask the right questions. The quality of the vaction home, and therefor your vacation, will depend on your ability to ask the right questions.
As such, we will go through some important questions you need to ask vacation property owners right at the time you start your search.

Booking a Vacation Home and Questions to Ask

rustic vacation rentals• How many vacationers are permitted to stay at the vacation home at a time?
• What is your family member count exceeds that maximum limit? Will any “per person” fees be charged, and if so, how much it would be?
• How many beds are available at the vacation home? Are they enough to accommodate everyone in your family?
• Can property owner provide details of bed configuration for all the individual rooms?
• What about bathroom configuration? If there are two bathrooms, will one of them be outside (since such a thing can happen if you are visiting rustic vacation spots)?
• Is there a cancellation policy? Does it describe what would happen with payment you have made in case you have to cancel the trip?
• What are the things which are not part of the price you would be paying for the vacation home rental and what is included?
• Are there any extra charges which might be added into final price?
• Do you have to pay a separate cleaning fee or any type of cleaning deposit?
• Will the vacation home provide daily housekeeping service? Is cost for the same already included in the price?
• Will it be necessary for you to bring in your own linen or will it be provided by the vacation home?
• Is the vacation home equipped with toiletries?
• Does the vacation home provide proper access to internet? Is Wi-Fi available? Are there separate charges for use of internet?
• What facilities does vacation home provide? Will there be a dishwasher, a dryer or a washer?
• Is kitchen fully furnished with dishware, tea kettle, silverware, cooking items, coffee pot, refrigerator, food processor, blender, and microwave oven?
• Is the vacation home close to popular and well-known rustic vacation spots of the region?
• How far away are the restaurants and grocery stores from vacation home?
• Will it be possible to make use of public transportation? Is it close enough to where vacation home is situated?
• What about parking? Is there a separate parking fees that you need to pay? How far away is parking space from vacation home?
• Whom you will have to contact in case any urgent situation arises, the property management company or the owner?
• How far are recreational facilities from vacation home?


If you ask the right questions you will be sure that your vacation home is exactly what you want, and that it will have all the amenities you and your family require for a happy vacation