Top Five Fruit Drinks You Need To Try

Fruit drinks have always been known for their taste and their benefits. Here is the top five drinks Australians love to drink:

Courtesy: ndtvimg

Margarita Mocktail

This special margarita has all the old favorite fruits such as lime and orange but mixes it with new arrivals such as grapefruits and almonds to give it a tangy twist at the end. We recommend that you throw this one out at a casual dinner with friends.

Pineapple Orange Punch

This one is for you soccer moms driving the kids to games all around Sydney. This a refreshing drink kids will love. Orange juice and pineapple stirred with Hawaiian punch is all you need. We recommend you buy fresh fruits for the Hawaiian punch to get the flavor. Companies all over Sydney such as fruit delivery sydney offer home delivery services.

Carrot and Pomegranate Mix

This one surprisingly works. Mixing a quarter glass of carrot juice with a third of orange juice produces a tangy delight that gets your taste buds gushing. For a little flavor add a little crushed black pepper and salt.

Blue Moscow Mule Mock-tail

Definitely one for that big dinner you’ve been planning. Some fresh blueberries mixed with lime juice and ginger beer, sounds mouthwatering, already doesn’t it? Use sugar and crushed ice to mix your drink.

Blue Berry Ginger Sangria

At the end, we’d thought we’d leave you with something other than a mock-tail. A bottle of white wine mixed with lemon, blueberries and ginger ale is a wonderful journey for your taste buds.

These fruity drinks are sure to satiate your cravings while getting you healthier. Enjoy!