Pet Cats Are Similar to Big Cats in Spraying

It is quite difficult to find solutions to cat problems. They never seem to go away. As a cat owner, you may particularly face problems with regard to the spraying habits of your cats. Managing male cats at home is particularly difficult because they are the ones known for spraying in the house for the purpose of marking territory and for showing that they are male.

If you have ever watched Discovery channel on TV or even the National Geographic Channel on TV, you may have seen how big cats also exhibit similar characteristics. I have seen male tigers circulating a tree and marking territory on that tree by spraying urine on it. I have seen lions also something similar. Not just lions and tigers, even leopards and jaguars are known to do this. Pet cats at home are no different. Just because they are domesticated, it doesn’t mean that they would exhibit different behavior because they all belong to the same cat family. But, as a resident of the house and the owner of the male cats, you will have to face the headache of how to stop cats spraying.

Internet can Give You Effective Solutions on how to stop cats spraying if you have the patience and conviction to look for a solution.