Non Slip Bathroom Tiles: Safety and Style

The bathroom can be one of the most hazardous parts of a home, especially its floor. Of course, it is inevitable that the floor will get wet, which means that it can also be slippery. But you need not to worry about this as long as you have non slip bathroom tiles. With these types of tiles, you can create a safer environment without having to compromise style and beauty of the place.


Porcelain Tiles and Ceramic Tiles

The beauty of wall and floor tiles is the fact that you have the freedom to choose from different kinds of materials, finishes, and textures unlike with wood, vinyl, and laminate options. Today, so many companies offer non slip bathroom tiles that are suitable for different wet surfaces. With ceramic and porcelain tiles, homeowners can have a stylish floor with the right slip-resistance capability.


Non slip tiles: wood and stone effect

Wood effect types of tiles can offer a beautiful floor a highly realistic substitute to the real thing. This includes even the intricate knots to grained surface textures. Homeowners can have the feel and look of a real timber that requires very little maintenance. Many wood effect tiles are slip-resistant.

On the other hand, stone effect tiles are a cost-friendly option and are also easy to maintain. These are another great alternative to natural stone. You can choose from a wide selection of finishes and colors. These are also anti-slip which makes them an exceptional solution for bathroom designs and to ensure safety.


Mosaic Tiles: Style and Practicality

Opting for these tiles is a good way to combine practicality, safety, and design. The grout lines for mosaic lines serve as “gulley” which helps disperse water. This feature provides an additional level of slip resistance to the floor. In the market, you can find a wide selection of ceramic, colored glass mosaic, and natural stone tiles that will offer you an amazing choice for your bathroom, whether inside or outside.


Anti-slip tiles in different environments

If you are in the search for the right wall and floor tiles, it is worth noting that sometimes, a rougher surface can actually be harder to clean compared to a flat one. Keep in mind in that there are different anti-slip tiles available that are suited for various purposes. For instance, one type of tile is best to be used in the swimming pool or bathroom while other types are more intended to be used in a food-production environment.

Today, homeowners are more careful when choosing anything for their home and this includes the non slip tiles. It’s not enough that it offer safety for everyone, but it would be a plus factor if it can also enhance the overall look of the area while being functional.