Why You Need To Promote Your website


Once you’ve launched a properly designed website, promotion is one of the most crucial steps you have to take. For most people, this is the most tiring and boring step they’d rather not take. Understandably, promoting a site is not a simple task: it requires a strong strategy, financial, time investment, and overzealous commitment.

Nonetheless, why do you have to do it?

Tell people you exist

Out of the numerous reasons as to why you have to promote, your site is because people need to know that you exist. Leaving visitors to find your site in the rubble can be the hardest thing you can do because in all measure. However, promoting makes it easy to introduce your offerings to the world, market, etc.

Ward off Competition

Billions of web pages are released onto the internet every day. Out of these, just a handful is unique and this means that you may not be so different from them as far as what your site is concerned.

Adding to the fact that most of what is published or launched is at most times, related to what you publish, where do you see your web page ranked? The truth is that, without promotion, it will be next to impossible for your website to be heard about, let alone attract searchers. One need to promote to ensure that their website’s message is send out there, before the competition does.

Improve brand recognition

Promoting your website is essential for the growth of your company’s brand.  Promotion exposes your website to new people, visitors and users. All these add up to make your brand more recognizable and visible,  which may translate into more sales, higher click trough’s, more page views and whatever else you’re trying to get with your website.

Increase website traffic

According to a recent survey, the total number of visitors who pass through Google is about 191 million in the US alone-a lot more in the rest of the world. These searchers could possibly make an entrance to your website, if enticed or pushed to do it.

Without an ounce of promotion however, your website will miss the massive opportunity to get a significant amount of search or web traffic. Promoting makes your website more visible and available to the large pool of the massive internet users from around the world. These could potentially visit your website and make a purchase depending on how your site is structured. For most people, traffic is the biggest motivation for promoting website because once you have the visitors; you can do whatever you want with them.

Increase website authority

One of the biggest signals that determine website visibility or even brand development is how robust your authority is. For websites, the journey starts from 0 upwards. The higher up your website is ranked, the better it will be for you. Promoting your website on social media, and other websites for example, contributes to your authority, which makes your website more reputable and authoritative; this is something most of us desire.

Increase sales

Research has shown that conscious promotion of a product (in this case a website) leads in increased sales volumes. If you properly target your website’s promotional activities through the proper segmentation of audience, the chances of converting the visitors into real buyers of particular products or services offered on your website increase.

Get more people to subscribe

Getting more subscribers and users for your websites’ products and services is running promotion activities for it. More especially, if you target real customers for your website, the chances of getting more customers will increase. Everyone knows what a longer customer base or email list means for any business owner or website owner-more revenue streams.


If your website is mentioned negatively on the web, the chances of having bad publicity can hurt a business behind it. If your website or online business has been mentioned adversely in online media, the most effective way to wane that off is promote your positive sides hard. If your website succeeds in getting more positive mentions than negative, you can rest assured that you’re safe, rather than not doing anything at all in the face of adverse mention.

Create more connections

Most of the people who have had to create connections organically have had to wait for a very long time. However, if you plan to get into the top league of website owners fast, aggressive promotion may be the most effective ways to land most of them. Promoting your website on other people’s websites for instance, will give you a larger user base, which you can use to create connections, relationships and possibly convert to money or regular readers.

Overall, promoting a website is the brick and mortar of online business success. The above factors should make you reconsider the non-promote attitude you may harbor because in the end, you stand to gain a lot.