Myths about Trade Show Table Covers Proved Wrong Now

Most people consider table covers bought at trade shows to be even more expensive than screen printing. However, nowadays, this is not the case. A long time ago printing in full color was very expensive.

These days, it has become much more economical than screen printing even a print off single color. Thus, most companies can now advertise their products through very high-resolution images on the different tables at trade shows.

Dry Cleaning is a Must:

Most people thought that the printed table covers have to be dry cleaned regularly. This makes it a very expensive option. However, the chemicals that are used in dry cleaning processes are not too good for printed covers. Hence, it is never a very good option for printed table cloths. Instead, the cheapest, as well as the safest option for table cloths, is to use cold water to wash it at a low temperature or tumble dry it.

Buying the right cloth which will serve your purpose:

It is commonly believed that a number of table clothes have to be bought to fit the various different tables in a trade show. However, at times trade shows also bring the client to a number of different venues with multiple options in terms of sizes. Moreover, there are a number of other options including the table clothes that are adjustable and can be made to fit almost any table.