MayMac Fight: UFC’s Dan Hardy on the techniques that may trouble Floyd Mayweather

UFC Analyst Dan Hardy provides his analysis for MayMac Fight in his Sky Sports diary on the unconventional techniques that Conor McGregor may use against Floyd Mayweather.

When we look at again the fight between Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather, when Shane got Floyd, and his legs were off, he was trying to hold on that moment. Boxers don’t ever train ‘limp arming’ to get your arms open. In hitting someone in boxing, boxers do everything they can hold on, you will rarely see boxers that open their arms, which is for creating a space.

Conor is excellent in that style because it’s what he always does in MMA. If he would land a shot, then, it would be the happiest day of his life. He can have a chance to a more destructive punch because of the great space being created than somebody like Mosley.

A range for McGregor is very different from Mayweather. All the kinds of an opponent of Mayweather from spar, amateur to professional is once a traditional boxer.

Things that happen when we spar a boxer is that they want to stand close to us, and I found myself on them – particularly it’s normal against a southpaw. In sparring with a beginner in the gym, they may hit you and purely hurt you than a long time pro can blow because they come from different angles. That’s why it’s easier to spar with a person who has an experience in boxing because you might predict what they’re going to do. This is what Conor will bring in his fight Floyd.

McGregor might kill your expectations in his performance, he will do the opposite and expect him to be calm, to take his time to try to unsettle Floyd.

In the experience of Floyd, he had been in a clash with seven southpaws and, each time, he took the time to adjust. Time is always necessary for adapting something. Conor is unique as a south paw.

Mayweather and McGregor will clash on Saturday, Aug. 26 at the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena.