Marine Safety Requirements for Private Boats

Undeniably, ensuring complete security is vital before beginning a journey on personal boats. The kind and number of the necessary safety gear majorly depend on the way the private boat needs to be taken abroad. Responsible travelers always carry more equipment together and maintain the safety equipment in good shape. Tourniquet first aid and survival gear is an innovative solution for use in, around and on the way to and from marine incidents.

Marine Safety Requirements for Private Boats

Security Requirements for Traveling On Still Waters:

Rivers, lakes, and estuaries are counted as oceans. The vessels and boats sailing or operating on still waters will need to carry certain security equipment; below-mentioned are several factors:

Boats which are seven meters or over must carry a Bilge Pump and ships that are less than seven meters could carry either a Bilge Pump or Bailer. Boats having self-draining deck don’t require Bilge Pumps. The Bilge Pump should have the capacity of draining 4000 gallons of water within one hour.

Liquid gas fuelled ships and ships having inboard motors should have a Fire Extinguisher for emergency cases.

Security Requirements for Traveling On Turbulent Waters:

Personal Floatation Devices or Lifejackets are Essential for traveling Turbulent Waters. The Lifejackets must be based on the size of the folks which are on board and they need to be in good shape and must be easily accessible.

Marine Radio is a really essential apparatus for traveling on unprotected waters. It can be turned into the working frequency of the nearby Sea Rescue Group in the event of emergencies.

Additional Safety Paraphernalia:

First Aid Kit

Extra Battery

Extra Fuel



Good Offer of New Drinking Water

Alternate Power Supply



Tool Kit

Life Boy