The Importance of Machinery Maintenance Record

For any machine hire company, the fleet is considered to be the lifeblood of the business. It is very important to keep the machine at its best working condition in order to minimize the risks of having unexpected downtime. In case there is a need for upkeep works, it’s a must that you keep a comprehensive record of your machinery maintenance-whether it is scheduled of not- to help you better understand the significance of doing so.

Prevent Costly Repair Works

With continued use, the machine is machine to wear and tear. By doing routine inspections, you would be able to see and immediately repair the damages before they turn into bigger problems. Keeping a record of these inspections and repairs will help you track all your maintenance works that the machine has undertaken. This will also help make sure that every machine is in their best shape before you get them to work.

Create a Specialized Maintenance Program

Every machine goes under various working conditions and different limitations. By doing regular checkups, you can determine and record all the differences of every machine in terms of maintenance works. As a result, this information would be able to create machinery maintenance programs that will cater to every machine on your fleet.


Prevent Problems with Warranty Claim

Documenting each repair and maintenance that you have done on your equipment would be able to help you process your warranty claims easier. Make sure that you keep a record of the kind of maintenance that you have done, as well as the time when the repair was done. All these information will be very helpful in determining your rights in the warranty claims.


Increase Safety

If a machine is well-maintained, then the risks of accidents that occur as a result of malfunctioning machinery will be greatly reduced. In case of accidents that involve a faulty machine error, there is a possibility that the operator will be affected. By documenting the maintenance history, you can keep track of the machine’s health. This will also allow you to schedule an inspection when necessary and will ensure that the machine is safe to work with.


Increase the Value of the Equipment

A detailed record of the machine repair and maintenance can greatly help increase its resale value. Today, buyers are very keen on assessing equipment before buying it, especially if has been used already. By presenting them with enough documentation on the maintenance history, you are letting them know that what they plan to purchase is in good condition.

Making sure that your machine is in its best condition is very advantageous. Aside from making sure that it will perform at its best capacity, you can also spare yourself from incurring unnecessary expenses.