How to use Ebook Resell Rights Products

How Ebook Resell Rights Provide an Excellent Business Opportunity

An eBook can have different resell rights and as such you need to have complete knowledge of these resale rights before buying any particular eBook. So, let us delve into the details which will help you fully understand how these ebook resell rights work.

What is meant by resale rights?

If an eBook is provided with resell rights then it indicates that after buying the eBook you will be able to resell it as well as retain all the revenue earned from the sale of the eBook.
But you also need to be aware of the fact that ebook resell rights can be of different types. Thus, this is the topic we will cover in next section to check different resell rights and their implications.

Different Resell Rights

ebook resell rightsUsually, there are 3 common resell right that you need to be aware of, which include:
• Resell Rights: If you are getting resell rights then it will indicate that you will have the right to resell that ebook. However, the other person buying the ebook from you will not be getting resell right for it and as such cannot resell it to someone else.
• Master Resell Rights: The above problem gets solved when you are buying an ebook that provides you master resell rights. This means that other person buying the ebook from you will be able to resell that ebook.
• Private Label Rights: Ebook resell rights such as private label rights means the person buying it is able to rebrand it in any manner and resell the same as his own.
What are the advantages of resell rights?
Resell rights can be advantageous for you in different ways, let us see how.
First of all, you do not have to make any significant initial investment for starting this kind of business. If you are able to get higher sales, more revenue and business growth you will be able to achieve. Secondly, these ebooks can be generally downloaded from the web and as such, it is not necessary for you to keep an inventory of the same. This helps to considerably reduce other overheads that are to be borne when you are running a business and makes it possible for you to earn higher profits.

Things to Keep Note of

Few of the important details you need to keep note of before purchasing such ebooks are:
Multiple Product Packages: You may well decide to buy a resell rights package that has multiple products. In such case, there will be license agreement for individual products that are part of the package. Such agreement will usually provide conditions which are to be followed while reselling the products and it will be your responsibility to fully understand those conditions before purchasing the package.
Specific Pricing: Generally, having ebook resell rights means you are free to use them in any way you like, sell them for any price you want or provide to others for free.
But, it is possible that license agreement specifies that the ebook can be sold only for a certain price and not below it. Thus, you will have to check the agreement to see if any such clause is present and decide whether it will be useful to buy such ebook or not.


To conclude it can be said that ebook resell rights do provide excellent business opportunity but only if you analyze all the details and work accordingly.