Hello from New York City – Assessing Mid-Town Manhattan

Since our plane landed nice and early we had virtually a whole day left to explore yesterday. The weather was fairly nice, quite sunny when we began, but it clouded over a bit and was somewhat on the other hand, it never got much above 15 degrees Celsius. If you want to get more info about apartments you may visit http://www.525w52nd.com/.

Around noon time we jumped on the Q subway line, which is literally 5 minutes out of our bed and breakfast, and we made our way to Manhattan. The subway really emerges in the Manhattan Bridge and also we have a fantastic look in the Brooklyn Bridge along with the northwestern hint of Manhattan.

Hello from New York City - Assessing Mid-Town Manhattan

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We chose to get off on Times Square, imagining that this would be quite a great place to begin researching NYC. Times Square, with all of its neon advertising signs, and promotional screens is something different.

The sidewalks were completely filled with people strolling and many promoters were handing flyers out to get Broadway shows, comedy shows, and other entertainment events.

There’s so much advertising in the Times Square area with lights and screens blinking everywhere that the person advertisements really began to encounter one another in my mind, probably not the effect that the advertisers attempted to attain. Really, the hustle and bustle in this region is enormous and will find a little overpowering.

We all lived around that place for a little while, and walked by Rockefeller Center, even though we didn’t have to explore the entire complicated.