Five Reasons Smoothies Are a Great Snack

While performing my regular internet surfing, I came across a comment that essentially claimed that smoothies were a silly fad and if people wanted to eat their fruits, it would make as much sense to eat them whole. It’s true that there are a growing number of people on the “smoothie diet” bandwagon, but to decry the usage of smoothies in favor of simply eating the whole fruit fails to acknowledge several additional benefits of smoothies that the whole fruits alone do not provide.

Why are smoothies a great idea? Here are five reasons:

1. By combining different fruits, you can give your body the amount of nutrients it needs from several different plant foods at once. A well prepared smoothie can give you the benefits of a leafy green vegetable, a citrus fruit, and the potassium packed banana.

Generally speaking, it is easier for an adult to swallow down a drink containing several different types of fruit than it would be to ask that same adult to eat the same amount.

2. Many people do not like the taste of leafy greens by themselves, unless they are prepared in an unhealthy way that involves frying in a lot of fat. By using smoothies, you can simply toss in a handful of spinach or add a couple of leaves of kale, and you can ingest the benefits of these drinks without having to taste them.

3. Smoothies are a great way to get a fruit-phobic child introduced to the world of fruits and vegetables. Ideally, our children would all love their bananas and oranges as much as they do their ice cream bars or Snickers.

But in a world that has a growing child obesity epidemic, I think it is clear that our world’s children do not, by and large, have the same appreciation for fruits and vegetables that they should have.

Getting children used to smoothies is not a substitute for getting them to eat their fruits and vegetables, nor should it be. But it is a great transition for a particularly stubborn child who loves his or her ice cream but is not a fan of oranges.

4. For individuals who have to include some type of fiber or protein powder, the strength of the fruits overpowers the gritty and not very palpable taste of the powder completely.

5. Smoothies are a great way to experiment with fruit that you might otherwise never have tried, which introduces your body to nutrients it might otherwise never have gotten. I was not particularly fond of the idea of kiwi, but a sale on the fruit convinced me to give it a try, and combined with mint and cucumber, I have a smoothie that is a definite keeper, and a complete substitute for mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Essentially, smoothies are healthy, delicious, easy to prepare, and fairly inexpensive. For many, including the author, they aren’t a fad, but merely part of a well balanced and healthy diet.

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