6 Types Of Gadgets Services Use At Wedding Reception Venues in Sydney!

Weddings are now turning more and more amazing with the passage of time as now there are modern decors, modern arrangements and modern technology being inculcated into the wedding venues Dural and corporate function venues sydney. Now thanks to the electricians and the new technological applications. Now everyone has smartphones and everyone is aware of the possibilities of the new found gadget laden world. The new services relating to marriage are also special because such events have got a social and cultural significance. It is a big day for the bride and the groom and people want to try every formula to make the day stand out. Technology has now entered every field in the world and has got loads of possibilities. All you have to do is request the wedding service and let them make some tech add ons to make the event even more so special. The idea is to bring the occasion alive and capture the memories.

Digital Picture Album : The digital picture albums are put on display at various wedding venues. The idea is that the digital screens flash a slide show from the pre wedding shoots of the bride and the groom for guests to witness and see when they enter the hall / venue.

LED TVs: The dance party and the wedding video shoot of the wedding function now can be seen on TVs placed across the venue at different locations on which the footage is screened live. Some weddings with a theme can also have music videos playing on LEDs through the function.

Drones:Drones are used mostly used for two purposes – one is to keep a watchful eye for security purpose and the other is for covering the landscape view of the wedding venue.

Electric Buffet : The electric buffet is a rotating buffet where you can choose a lazy susan or an electric platform which can rotate the course of meals around the corners on electric platform through tables.