3 Summer Fruits That You Should Not Miss Out On

With summer come sweaty bodies, dehydration and blazing heat. As the temperature rises you need to take extra care of your health so that you do not get ill. Therefore, it is essential to adjust your diet according to the changing weather. In summers, it is preferable to increase your intake of fresh vegetables and fruits. Here are some seasonal fruits that you should eat when they are abundantly available in the market:

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1. Papaya

Papaya is a commonly eaten fruit all over the world. The good thing is it can be eaten in unripe, ripe or dried forms. There are many health benefits of consuming fresh papaya because it is rich in numerous essential vitamins and mineral. It is a good source of vitamin A and C. Moreover, it consists of large quantities of folate and various phytochemicals. It also helps in preventing diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and bloating.

2. Pineapple

Pineapple is another fruit that is easily available in summers in Australia. It consists of various vitamins and is exceptionally good source of vitamin C. Moreover, it helps in protecting the body from different types of cancers, especially colon cancer, and arthritis. It is also beneficial for the health of eyes.

3. Watermelon

You should not miss out on watermelons in summer, not only because they are super delish but they are 92% water. They help keep you hydrated in extreme summers and hence are considered the best fruit for summers. Apart from that, they are a rich source of vitamin A, C, B6, dietary fibres, iron and calcium. Moreover, they are beneficial for cardiovascular muscles and bones.

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